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Hall of Languages

 Owner: Syracuse Unjyrersity
Jack Osinskl~ Project Manager
Architect: Holmes King Kallquist & Associates Jackie Goodwin, Lead Architect

The Hall of Languages is the oldest building on the Syracuse University Campus, whose prominent location marks the entrance to the Syracuse University Quad, containing several classrooms and offices for various departments, including Philosophy, Religion, English, & Textual Studies.

John Miller Jr. (Jay) acted as the field foreman, overseeing the removal of asbestos containing roofing materials and existing "builtup roofs" replacing these flat roof areas with a Siplast Granulated 30 Year Roof System, removing asphalt shingles on all perimeter walls and tower roofs, replacing rotted wood decking, and replacing these areas with multi-colored slate, intricately patterned, and installing new copper barrel vault roofs and relining the gutters. In addition to Mr. Miller's roofing skills, he acted as project manager, attending job meetings and assuring the safety and comfort of all students and employees of Syracuse University throughout this 3 month project. This project was on a strict timeline and required 100% completion prior to 15 August 2008. Thanks to Jay, Diamond Roofing Co., Inc. was successful in meeting this deadline, providing Syracuse University officials with great satisfaction. 


Jamesville Correctional Facility Project

 The roof replacement at Jamesville CF was an exceptional project, consisting of the removal and replacement of 74,320 SF at 5 different buildings, while abiding by the correctional facility’s strict security requirements. This project was considered a “Science Project” for Onondaga County to evaluate various roofing systems. A different roofing system was installed on each of the 5 buildings as a means of better determining the longevity of different roof systems, including 8,130 SF of fully adhered EPDM roof, 49,780 SF of adhered TPO on flat polyisocyanurate insulation, 8,180 SF of Vegetative Sedum Tile Roof, & 8,230 SF of adhered TPO on tapered insulation. The Green Roof installed required intricate & precise placement of sedum tiles atop a fully adhered TPO roof, with water flow indicators buried in the makeup of the roof to track the water flow, retention, and discharge levels. While adding beauty & distinction to the facility, this roof also provides superior sound insulation, energy efficiency, & a significantly lengthened life. Each of the TPO & EPDM roofs were installed with various insulation thicknesses and included heat sensors to take readings and record the effects.